RIBA Stages 5 and 6

+ Appoint the Contractor

Once tenders are returned by the contractors, they will be reviewed and the optimal cost and project duration will be determined. A meeting will be held with the chosen contractor to review the programme and answer an queries they might have at this stage. The building contract may be signed by all parties at this first meeting or in a subsequent meeting.

+ Issue of Construction Drawings

A construction package of drawings will be issued to the contractor. These drawings will have resolved any remaining details and provide an 'instruction manual' for the contractor of exactly how the building will be put together.

+ Respond to Contractor's Queries

During the construction stage of the project, we can be on hand to answer any questions that the contactor has. Occasionally, unexpoected variations in site conditions might arise and the contractor may need assistance in resolving these problems.

+ Certify Completed Work

At stages set out in the building contract, we will certify the work that has been completed. Once the certificate is issued the contractor will be due the specified sum in order to progress with the build. Usually 5% of the value is retained for payment once the project is complete.

+ Administration of Extension Time & Claims

Typically, a building contract contains provisions for damages to be awarded to the client for overruns on the part of the contractor. The contractor may, however, claim for extensions of time for valid reasons. We will assess these and award as appropriate.

+ Final Account & Certification

At the end of the project the Architect will issue a Practical Completion Certificate once the work on site has been completed to the stage agreed in the building contract. This transfers ownership of the site to the client. A rectification period will begin at this stage, which is typically 6 months long. In this time the contractor should return to the site to resolve any snags or unsatisfactory work. The Final Certificate is issued and the retained sum is paid.