RIBA Stages 0 and 1

+ Development of the Brief

During our first meeting we will discuss your project and the best approach for your site and requirements. At this early stage, we can also advise on structural or soil investigations that may be required.

+ carry out Feasibility Studies

For larger developments we will undertake a number of exercises to determine the most efficient use of the site. We will look at value, massing and volume and how these fit with Local Authority requirements.

+ Sketch the Proposal

We will provide sketches and diagrams with our initial ideas for the project. We may include mood boards that give a feel for the types of materials we propose and how these fit within the context of your site.

+ Assess the required consents

A thorough review of the statutory requirements that will affect your project will be undertaken and we will inform you of realistic timescales for obtaining the relevant permissions.

+ Draft the project Programme

We will provide an outline programme of our work detailing the stages we have agreed, with you, to be within our scope.